American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators – APNAI - is established to bring together an affiliation of professional investigators and raise the bar through Networking & Referrals, Mentoring, & Continuing Education Support. Our trade faces challenges and confusion regarding state regulation, maintaining the highest professional standards, the importance of mentoring our new private investigators, and improving client interaction. Continuing Education Support cannot be overstated. Like other industries, we must face and overcome challenges if our trade is to move to the next level. When we don't learn more, we have less to pass along. These are the goals and principles behind APNAI - American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators. We at APNAI invite you to affiliate with us and join us in our journey to be of great benefit to all private investigators.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018



Highly respected and experienced private investigators join forces and announce the establishment of American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators | APNAI – Affiliated Investigators. Capitalizing on extensive training and experience gained from careers in federal and state law enforcement, private industry, and government, Affiliated Investigators provides focus for experienced and newly licensed private investigators seeking improvement of their skills through Mentoring, Networking & Referrals, and Continuing Education Support. All too often newly licensed private investigators are left to their own devices in learning the trade – thwarted by those fearful of training competition. Affiliated Investigators invites individual private investigators and state private investigator associations to join and participate in raising the professional bar of the industry. APNAI has elected Clint Colvin, Agency Principal of Rainier Investigative Group, a unit of RIGroup LLC of Washington as its President. Mr. Colvin previously served as President of a WA based PI association. APNAI has elected Fredrick Akin, Agency Principal of AIM Investigations of Washington as Vice-President. Mr. Akin is the founder of the Missouri Association of Private Investigators. APNAI - Affiliated Investigators - with headquarters in Federal Way, Washington, has established regions in the Western US, Mid-Central US, and Eastern US, to support its membership for Mentoring, Networking & Referrals, and Continuing Education Support. 

Interested Private Investigators and PI Associations are encouraged to contact APNAI via

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