American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators – APNAI - is established to bring together an affiliation of professional investigators and raise the bar through Networking & Referrals, Mentoring, & Continuing Education Support. Our trade faces challenges and confusion regarding state regulation, maintaining the highest professional standards, the importance of mentoring our new private investigators, and improving client interaction. Continuing Education Support cannot be overstated. Like other industries, we must face and overcome challenges if our trade is to move to the next level. When we don't learn more, we have less to pass along. These are the goals and principles behind APNAI - American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators. We at APNAI invite you to affiliate with us and join us in our journey to be of great benefit to all private investigators.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


(08/07/2018) Federal Way, WA. Washington State's Department of Licensing (DOL) - announced the renewal process for private investigators is to be strengthened. The purpose of the changes, outlined below, is to align the Private Investigator program with other professional licensing programs managed by DOL. RCW 18.165.030 governs Private Investigator Licensing.

Using a new DOL renewal form, Private Investigators must report:
  • Any court action taken against their professional, occupational license, certification, or permits - within the last ten (10) years. 
  • Any defaults or convictions involving any pleas of  "No Contest" to gross misdemeanors or felony crime - not including traffic offenses - within the last ten (10) years.
  • whether or not they are currently under Indictment, or there is a criminal complaint, charge, or Information pending.
Principal partner or principal owner for a private investigative agency will be required to declare its armed private investigators have met the requirements for annual proficiency with the firearms for which he/she is certified.

Private Investigative Agencies should review the renewal notices to ensure forms are fully completed by the private investigator prior to submission to DOL. 

Questions should be directed to DOL's Public Protection Services Section at 360.664.6611.

This is a good start towards bringing up the PI standards for Washington State. However, its a stretch to catch up with the rest of the USA - states that regulate the industry require extensive background checks and investigations and far more training than Washington State requires of its Private Investigators.

This action, though noble, is a day late and a dollar short. More extensive background investigations should be conducted on a nationwide basis not just good old WA. 

Besides, where's the "teeth" with this new renewal process?


Wednesday, May 2, 2018


(05/01/2018) Federal Way, WA) American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators | APNAI - or Affiliated Investigators - reports today its Membership Incentives Program is a rousing success!! A total of eight private investigators from WA PI associations have joined Affiliated Investigators. APNAI waives the first year's dues for current or former members of the two WA based associations who join or switch their memberships.

According to APNAI President, Clint Colvin, "We're finding that members drop their membership with PI organizations for various reasons. Work, be it surveillance at night or other professional  commitments, and family responsibilities, pull at the professional private investigator's time. PI association membership status is jeopardized after missing meetings regardless of the reason. Others are tired of the drama and personality conflicts that drive members away from the association scene all together. Fortunately, many vibrant and highly professional associations exist throughout the USA.

"We recognize many private investigators simply don't have the time to commit to monthly or quarterly meetings, and Affiliated Investigators takes that reality into account. We're also building a group of professionals who really want to raise the bar of professional behavior in this industry.

"We salute private investigators who seek support from their contemporaries, as well as those helping new private investigators in learning the trade. Private Investigators coming over to APNAI are welcomed, thanked for all they do - and we ask how can we help them."


Tuesday, April 17, 2018



Highly respected and experienced private investigators join forces and announce the establishment of American Professional Network of Affiliated Investigators | APNAI – Affiliated Investigators. Capitalizing on extensive training and experience gained from careers in federal and state law enforcement, private industry, and government, Affiliated Investigators provides focus for experienced and newly licensed private investigators seeking improvement of their skills through Mentoring, Networking & Referrals, and Continuing Education Support. All too often newly licensed private investigators are left to their own devices in learning the trade – thwarted by those fearful of training competition. Affiliated Investigators invites individual private investigators and state private investigator associations to join and participate in raising the professional bar of the industry. APNAI has elected Clint Colvin, Agency Principal of Rainier Investigative Group, a unit of RIGroup LLC of Washington as its President. Mr. Colvin previously served as President of a WA based PI association. APNAI has elected Fredrick Akin, Agency Principal of AIM Investigations of Washington as Vice-President. Mr. Akin is the founder of the Missouri Association of Private Investigators. APNAI - Affiliated Investigators - with headquarters in Federal Way, Washington, has established regions in the Western US, Mid-Central US, and Eastern US, to support its membership for Mentoring, Networking & Referrals, and Continuing Education Support. 

Interested Private Investigators and PI Associations are encouraged to contact APNAI via

Saturday, April 14, 2018


(04/14/2018) Federal Way, WA. Affiliated Investigators is your 'go to shop' for private investigators seeking assistance with Mentoring, Networking, and Continuing Education Support. New and seasoned private investigators searching for a place where the bar is raised for our industry are checking out our website and blogs with rapidly increasing interest.

Some associations claim to be raising the bar of industry standards and conduct. Nowhere will a licensed private investigator find a more hospitable, helpful, and encouraging place to learn and grow about the trade than with Affiliated Investigators as an Individual or Corporate member.

Affiliated Investigators will waive the first years dues and fees for former members of PI associations in Washington State desiring to join APNAI. Download, complete and mail (or scan/email) the APNAI Membership form (located at the right column on this page) to the address at the bottom of the form. You can also email us for further details at

Affiliated Investigators invites you to stand up and be counted with other private investigators in raising the bar of the industry.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


(04/04/2018) Federal Way, Washington. Affiliated Investigators offers Preassignment Training for those seeking licensing as Private Investigators in Washington State.

Washington State Requirements:


At least four hours of training is mandated by Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 18.165.090 & Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 308-17-300 provides specific training and examination requirements and areas to be covered. An examination is administered at the end of the training. Satisfactorily passing the examination will allow you to proceed to the next step - PI Application.

WA Certified Trainers:

Fredrick Akin     SW Washington      844.301.1010
Clint Colvin        ALL Washington      253.948.7721

Tuition costs are reasonable - discounts for Military, Government Retirees and Group

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Pacific NW Investigations Referral

If you have an investigation which needs to be performed in the US Pacific Northwest, please contact us with your referral. There are real and professional Private Investigators available for most any investigation around the Pacific Northwest. APNAI and its partners stand by to be of assistance for your investigative needs.

Email us for help...


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Welcome to Affiliated Investigators!

(02/25/2018 Federal Way, Washington).  Taking into account the various issues facing area associations, there is a growing concern among private investigators in the trade that traditional concepts of Networking and Referrals, Mentoring, and Continuing Education Support are falling by the wayside. Private Investigators are seriously seeking to experience or relive the highest standards of professional conduct they miss from associations and groups that are now stalled by 'issues'.

Private Investigators on their second career learned the importance of Networking and Referrals. Information exchange, cooperation and joint investigations helped seasoned investigators in getting the job done. This exchange also enhanced ones skills, both diplomatic and professional, to the benefit of their employer, stakeholders and, not to forget - job satisfaction. These experiences also can help less experienced private investigators, those new to the field, and who want to learn - also through Mentoring.

Mentoring is becoming increasingly vital to the private investigator trade. Don't be discouraged by the myth of training a competitor. Our Affiliation can bring more talent into our trade, help those struggling with learning the trade, thereby enhancing the quality of our products to the benefit of our clients and our trade!

Area associations debate the need for Continuing Education. One is determined that any such program should be voluntary. Indeed, several major national organizations advocate a voluntary system. Another seeks the value of a mandatory program but lacks the courage to implement it - much to the disadvantage of others. Consequently, the private investigator industry remains stymied. The reality of life in this trade is - if one stops learning, one stops developing, and has less to pass along to the next generation of private investigators. 80% of all US states have a mandatory program. So...get with the twenty-first century, folks!

These processes can bring us more referrals, networking opportunities, mentor or be mentored, and obtain continuing education support.

How do you become part of the future, forward thinking and forward moving?? Consider affiliating with us and consider the following:

Opportunities include:
  • Volunteer to be a Mentor;
  • Seek out advice and guidance from Mentors;
  • Help to increase networking opportunities beyond the region;
  • Benefit from networking opportunities;
  • Enjoy the benefits - avoid the drama prevalent in our region;
  • Voluntarily participate in and earn a Certification of Continuing Education (extra cost);
  • This support may be compliant with and recognized on a state to state basis.
Gone are the massive membership fees - and the promises some groups don't intend to keep

Consider affiliating with us, whether as an individual private investigator, private investigative agency, or state/regional association. We're starting down a new path for Private Investigators - join us - we can't do it without you.

Don't go at it alone.