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Wednesday, August 8, 2018


(08/07/2018) Federal Way, WA. Washington State's Department of Licensing (DOL) - announced the renewal process for private investigators is to be strengthened. The purpose of the changes, outlined below, is to align the Private Investigator program with other professional licensing programs managed by DOL. RCW 18.165.030 governs Private Investigator Licensing.

Using a new DOL renewal form, Private Investigators must report:
  • Any court action taken against their professional, occupational license, certification, or permits - within the last ten (10) years. 
  • Any defaults or convictions involving any pleas of  "No Contest" to gross misdemeanors or felony crime - not including traffic offenses - within the last ten (10) years.
  • whether or not they are currently under Indictment, or there is a criminal complaint, charge, or Information pending.
Principal partner or principal owner for a private investigative agency will be required to declare its armed private investigators have met the requirements for annual proficiency with the firearms for which he/she is certified.

Private Investigative Agencies should review the renewal notices to ensure forms are fully completed by the private investigator prior to submission to DOL. 

Questions should be directed to DOL's Public Protection Services Section at 360.664.6611.

This is a good start towards bringing up the PI standards for Washington State. However, its a stretch to catch up with the rest of the USA - states that regulate the industry require extensive background checks and investigations and far more training than Washington State requires of its Private Investigators.

This action, though noble, is a day late and a dollar short. More extensive background investigations should be conducted on a nationwide basis not just good old WA. 

Besides, where's the "teeth" with this new renewal process?